Giantz 510w Electric Hoist winch

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Giantz 510w Electric Hoist winch

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125/250kg 510 W Electric Hoist Winch
Powered by a 510W single-phase capacitance motor, the hoist comprises a 18m high tensile
cable, a rigid 95cm forced metal hook and an easy control with emergency stop switch.


* Powered by lateral-magnetic single-phase capacitance motor
* Emergency instant stop switch
* 7×19 robust wire rope structure
* Single and double rope lifting
* Overload protection function
* 18 metres high tensile cable
* CE/GS/RoHS/EMC approval

* Voltage:AC 240V/50Hz
* Moter power: 510W
* Single rope capacity:125kg
* Double rope capacity:250kg
* Rope type: 7×19 structure wire rope
* Rope diameter: 3mm
* Lifting speed: Single rope – 10 metres/min, Double rope – 5 metres/min
* Lifting height: Single rope – 18m, Double rope – 7.5m
* Weight: 11kg
* Length of power cable: 0.8m
* Length of control switch cable: 1.46m

Package Contents
1 x Electric Hoist
1 x User Manual

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Weight 11.4 lbs


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